About HXG

Values & CSR

At HXG, we expect our global team to foster a culture lived on the values of integrity, accountability, respect for customers, investors and employees, as well as to demonstrate our values through our code of ethics and legal compliance policies.

In support of our culture and our values are simply stated: leadership, integrity, talent contribution, social responsibility and value creation. We look to live these values in all that we do.


We are committed to continuously improve and innovate the way we deliver investment solutions by our leaders and practice experts. We develop a unique global service platform of consistent delivery standards, processes and procedures.

Team Work

We operate as one team with focus on verticals of investment origination, market intelligence, sector competencies and execution


We are committed to develop and improve the organizational health culture, the values of integrity and effectiveness that treated our stakeholders with fairness, honesty and respect.

Talent Contribution

We are committed to recognize, value and respond to the contribution of our employees. We create a work environment that is challenging and provides the opportunities and support for everyone to communicate openly, develop, learn and succeed.

Social Responsibility

We are committed to take the highest standards and responsibility towards our employees, the environment and all stakeholders where we do business.

Value Creation

We are committed to create shareholder value based on stable financial performance and long-term profitable growth through our multi-talented team.