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With the permission and support from the County's Party Committee, the Group invested RMB200 million to construct a private road with a length of 100km, connecting the main national road to Tatulugou project area. The private road further enhance the accessibility and overall logistical aspect of the project area, at the same time provides a convenience in transportation for the local farmers and herdsmen.







 Tatulugou is in Tashkurgan Tajik Autonomous County. Owing to its beautiful scenery and the simple folk customs, Tatulugou is known as a “paradise” on the snowy plateau. Tatulugou is an ancient important road of South Xinjiang to foreign countries. Local residents are chiefly Tajik. They are mainly engaged in animal husbandry and concurrently agriculture, living in a nomadic way.

We currently have three exploration projects in South Xinjiang, with a the total explored area of 61.36km2.







Tatulugou Iron Project is located in the Western Kunlun Tashkurgan-Zakan-Yelike iron mineralisation belt on the Proterozoic banded iron formation in Southwestern Xinjiang. This recently discovered iron mineralization belt has the highest iron grade (67%) among the same type of iron deposits in China. Iron orebeds that have been discovered, including Zakan, Laobing, Qieliekeqi, Subashi, Ta’axi, Taxiaer, Yelike, etc., have an initial iron reserve is 300 million tons while predicted prespective reserve would be over 2 billion tons.

Tatulugou Iron Project is on the southern end of the iron mineralisation belt, with exploration of 10.87 km2, inside a tenths square kilometres aeromagnetic anomalous zone. The project is 120 km away from town centre of Yecheng County. Field reconnaissance of the project area has already found a number of banded iron orebodies, with grade of ~55%. Besides iron ore, a 20 metres wide cobalt orebody is also found which grade is 0.03-0.04%; a few gold orebodies with grade 1.4-6.8 g/t; and chalcopyrite-quartz vein with 1.62% copper. This project is an Iron-Gold-Copper-Cobalt multi-metallic project with multiple phases mineralisation, has a huge exploration potential. North of the project license area has discovered a 3 km long, 80-100m thick, 50-67% iron orebody. Local residents are panning for gold in nearby Ye'erqiang River.