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Imperium Mining Corporation (IMC) is a subsidiary of Hui Xiang Group, with core business in prospecting, mining and processing of gold and base metal resources in Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region.

Our success in mining is due to a long history of mine exploration and solid local knowledge of the unique region of Xinjiang, where we were able to unlock the prospects from our bank of tenements with exploration and mining processes that are up to international standard.

We create value through identifying attractive mine tenements with our years of experience in exploration. With our primary focus in identifying assets containing strategic minerals, we aim at enhancing the value of venture capital opportunities by leveraging our existing assets, skills and experience in metal resources exploration.

Mining, particularly with non-ferrous metals as the upstream sector, is typically a strong cyclical industry. The periodicity of mining industry is not only reflected by the impact of macroeconomic, also on the operating pattern of the industry itself. The prospecting, mining and processing cycle of non-ferrous metals is 7-10 years in general. Variation in mining development cycle affects the supply and demand curve in mining sector, therefore a 7-10 years cycle pattern shows. With the current global economic crisis, non-ferrous metal industry is in downturn, asset price falls and is expected to appreciate in the coming 7-10 years.


IMC forms a strategic partnership with a Chinese state-owned enterprise (SOE) in the natural resources space. A mining fund amounting to RMB 5 billion is to be setup for funding two proposed mining projects. This strategic plan will further enhance our positioning as one of the frontiers in the Chinese mining space.

Investment direction of the mining fund is to acquire and develop mining projects and companies with reserves of precious metals, heavy metals, rare metals and non-ferrous metals in China.

The fund is specialized in the non-ferrous metals space. With the upside of in-depth industry knowledge and professional competencies of the SOE Group, we aim at building a specialised fund led by professionals.

With the global economic recovering, we see an upside on future prices of resource, and an opportune time for acquiring resources. Investment strategy of the fund is to seize opportunity during resource lows and conduct counter-cyclical investment, through a relative long term fund to cover the later rising channel of the industry, with time for space.


Tekesi, Ili

Bogutu Gold project is located in Tianshan gold mineralisation belt, 110 km away from Yining City and 25 km from Tekesi County. Xinjiang largest open-cut mining gold mines are found close to Bogutu, namely Arxi and Gold Mountain gold mines, with gold reserves of around 200 ton.

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Fuyun, Altay

Xilikuduke and Qiakutu projects are located on Altay mineralisation belt. The two projects are located on Fuyun County, 50-60 km away from county centre. Xilikuduke has an exploration licence area of 13.8 km2 and Qiakutu 12.87 km2. Both projects have finished geological mapping, soil geochemistry survey, geophysics survey and a few trenches. Trenching in Qiakutu unveils a 5 m think orebody with average grade 31.6 g/t and maximum 91 g/t gold.

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Tashkurgan, Kashi

With the permission and support from the County’s Party Committee, the Group invested 200 million RMB to construct an over 100 km long private road, connecting 314 National Road to Tatulugou project area. The private road greatly strengthens the accessibility of raw materials ...

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