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Xilikuduke and Qiakutu projects are located on the Altay mineralisation belt. The two projects are located in the Fuyun County, 50-60km away from the county centre. Xilikuduke has an exploration licence area of 13.8km2 whereas Qiakutu has an exploration licence area of 12.87km2. Geological mapping, soil geochemistry survey, geophysics survey and a few trenches have been completed for both of the projects. Trenching of 5m in Qiakutu has unveiled an orebody with an average and maximum gold grading of 31.6g/t and 91g/t respectively. Surface sampling in Xilikuduke project has unearthed samples with a gold grading of 19.7g/t. Numerous geochemical and geophysical anomalies have not yet been investigated but considerable reserves are to be expected. Exploration work is currently in progress.